[Smart Devices for Peripheral Intravenous Catheterization] - Introduction

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SVEI - Smart Venous Entry Indicator

SVEI is designed to overcome the challenge of venipuncture detection. It is capable of fast and accurate venous entry detection, and lights an LED to inform the operator at the exact moment this happens. This provides a key feedback to the operator, leading to hugely improved success rates of the catheterization operations. Pre-clinical trials on a baby arm phantom demonstrated an increase in success rate for naïve operators from 12% to 86% when using SVEI.

CathBot – A hand-held robotic catheterization device

CathBot not only integrates a sensor on the catheterization needle tip to precisely detect venipuncture, but also includes a smart actuation module able to: 1) automatically stop the insertion motion of the catheterization needle inside the blood vessel, 2) insert the catheter and 3) retract the needle. All of these actions are performed under direct control of the medical operator, whose sole actions are simplified to the task of aiming at the target vessel and pushing the device towards it.

CathBot’s mechanism provides a very simple, comfortable and safe way to operate PIVC with accurate catheter insertion control. The medical operator just needs to push the handle of CathBot towards the target vein, and CathBot can automatically insert the cannula into the vein and retract the needle. CathBot can be used to achieve PIVC on flexible insertion sites.


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