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Immersive Remote Telerobotics (IRT) Interface

The interface facilitates intuitive real-time remote teleoperation, while utilizing the inherent benefits of VR, including immersive visualization, freedom of user viewpoint selection, and fluidity of interaction through natural action interfaces.



Keywords: Robot Manipulators, Multi-cam streaming, Jetson AGX Xavier, HTC Vive Pro, UE4, Point-cloud streaming, Telepresence, Gstreamer, FFmpeg

Immersive Remote Visualization using Foveated Rendering

A remote 3D data visualization framework that utilizes the natural acuity fall-off in the human eyes to facilitate the processing, transmission, buffering, and rendering in VR of dense point-clouds / 3D reconstructed scenes.



Keywords: Sampling, ElasticFusion, HTC Vive Pro Eye (Gaze tracking), CUDA, OpenGL-SL, OpenMP, Gstreamer, FFmpeg, UE4

Truncated Signed Distance Fields (TSDFs), 3D Reconstruction, and real-time haptic feedback in remote exploration applications

A unified system for simultaneously estimating obstacle avoidance vectors while generating a TSDF-based 3D reconstruction of the environment, in real-time



Keywords: TSDF, Open3D, CUDA, ROS, Real-time 3D reconstruction, Robot Manipulators, “Feel-where-you-don't-see"

Mixed Reality Training for Industrial Workers

In the field of safety training, immersive, virtual training environments are seen to be more effective than conventional methods, when it comes to the acquisition of safety behaviour, and can increase trainee’s engagement.



Keywords: UE4, Quest System, Cyberith Virtualizer, HTC Vive Focus 3, Oculus Quest 2



Predictive Full-body Biomechanical Motion Simulation (PFM-Sim)

Simulations are an important means to study biomechanical phenomena in industrial scenarios, e.g., falling from heights. “What If?” simulations help predict new outcomes using the simulations of the technologies being designed.



Keywords: OpenSim, SCONE, Matlab / Simulink, Musculoskeletal model