People is a section of the IIT website where you can get in touch with all the scientific, technical and administrative staff of IIT, thus having the opportunity to know what are the professional skills within the Foundation. Your profile will remain on People for a period of 5 years from the termination of your relationship with IIT. If you do not wish to appear in People, you can contact the IIT Data Protection Officer (whose references can be found in the "Privacy" section of the website) to request the removal of your profile.


Francesca Bonavita

Support Technician

Carlo Canali


Marco Cavaletti

PhD Student Fellow

Ajay Gunalan

Visiting scientist

Phil Edward Hudson

Chief Technician

Stefanos Ioakeimidis

Support Technician

Silvia Ivaldi

Administrative Assistant

Gionata Salvietti

Affiliated Researcher

Andrea Santangelo

Support Technician

Floriana Sardi

Administrative Manager

Kapil Sawant

PhD Student

Enrico Turco

Affiliated Researcher

Patricia Yanez Piqueras

Support Technician

Yifang Zhang

PhD Student

Xinyuan Zhao

PhD Student