Akash Singh

PhD Student
PhD Student


Robotics and Mechatronics

Selected Publications

Design of a Quasi-Direct-Drive Actuator for Dynamic Motions

Design and implementation of Omni-directional spherical modular snake robot (OSMOS)(IEEE ICM 2017)

COCrIP: compliant omniCrawler in-pipeline robot(IROS 2017)

Design and optimal springs stiffness estimation of a Modular OmniCrawler in-pipe climbing Robot(ROBIO 2017)

Design and motion analysis of Compliant Omni-directional Spherical Modular Snake Robot (COSMOS)(IEEE/IfTomm REMAR 2018)

Novel Compliant omnicrawler-wheel transforming module(Legged robot design Workshop RSS 2018, CMU)

Modelling and Path Planning of Snake Robot in a cluttered environment((IEEE/IfTomm REMAR2018, Tu Delft)