Domenico Prattichizzo



Fellow of the IEEE Society. Full Professor of Robotics at the University of Siena. '' Human and robotic hands, haptics and the art of manipulating objects'' have always polarized his research activity. Wearable haptics and robotics is his current interest in research. He leads a team of extraordinary people. From 2013 he coordinates the European project IP "WEARHAP: wearable haptics for humans and robots." In 2010 he coordinated the project on tactile communication "REMOTOUCH: remote touch", selected for presentation at Expo 2010 Shanghai as part of the "Italy of Innovators" promoted by the Ministry of Innovation. he gave a TEDx talk in Rome in February 2014 and a RNext talk in Siena in June 2014


Human Augmentation Robotics Haptics Teleoperation Cooperation

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