Tommaso Poliero

PhD Student Fellow

Research Lines


IIT Publications

  • 2019
  • Toxiri S.iit, Calanca A., Poliero T.iit, Caldwell D.G.iit, Ortiz J.iit

    Actuation requirements for assistive exoskeletons: Exploiting knowledge of task dynamics

    Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 22, pp. 381-385
  • Poliero T.iit, Toxiri S.iit, Caldwell D.G.iit, Ortiz J.iit

    Actuator optimization for a back-support exoskeleton: The influence of the objective function

    Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 22, pp. 530-534
  • Poliero T., Toxiri S.iit, Anastasi S., Monica L., Caldwell D.G., Ortiz J.

    Assessment of an on-board classifier for activity recognition on an active back-support exoskeleton

    IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, vol. 2019-June, pp. 559-564
  • Toxiri S.iit, Näf M. B., Lazzaroni M., Fernández J., Sposito M.iit, Poliero T.iit, Monica L., Anastasi S., Caldwell D. G.iit, Ortiz J.iit

    Back-Support Exoskeletons for Occupational Use: An Overview of Technological Advances and Trends

    IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Di Natali C.iit, Poliero T.iit, Sposito M.iit, Graf E., Bauer C., Pauli C., Bottenberg E., De Eyto A., O'Sullivan L., Hidalgo A. F., Scherly D., Stadler K. S., Caldwell D. G.iit, Ortiz J.iit

    Design and Evaluation of a Soft Assistive Lower Limb Exoskeleton

  • Poliero T.iit, Mancini L.iit, Caldwell D.G.iit, Ortiz J.iit

    Enhancing Back-Support Exoskeleton Versatility based on Human Activity Recognition

    2019 Wearable Robotics Association Conference, WearRAcon 2019, pp. 86-91
  • 2018
  • Graf E.S., De Eyto A., Sposito M.iit, Pauli C., O'Sullivan L., Bauer C.M., Bottenberg E., Scherly D., Erkens L., Wirz M., Ortiz J.iit, Power V., Poliero T.iit, Henke R., Brinks G., Stadler K.S.

    Basic functionality of a prototype wearable assistive soft exoskeleton for people with gait impairments - a case study

    ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 202-207
  • Ortiz J.iit, Poliero T.iit, Cairoli G., Graf E., Caldwell D.G.iit

    Energy Efficiency Analysis and Design Optimization of an Actuation System in a Soft Modular Lower Limb Exoskeleton

    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 3, (no. 1), pp. 484-491
  • Sposito M.iit, Poliero T.iit, Di Natali C.iit, Ortiz J.iit, Pauli C., Graf E., de Eyto A., Bottenberg E., Caldwell D.G.iit

    Evaluation of XoSoft Beta-1 Lower Limb Exoskeleton on a Post Stroke patient

    Congresso Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria
  • Poliero T.iit, Di Natali C.iit, Sposito M.iit, Ortiz J.iit, Graf E., Pauli C., Bottenberg E., De Eyto A., Caldwell D.G.iit

    Soft wearable device for lower limb assistance: Assessment of an optimized energy efficient actuation prototype

    2018 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics, RoboSoft 2018, pp. 559-564
  • 2017
  • Totaro M.iit, Poliero T.iit, Mondini A.iit, Lucarotti C.iit, Cairoli G.iit, Ortiz J.iit, Beccai L.iit

    Soft smart garments for lower limb joint position analysis

    Sensors, vol. 17, (no. 10)