Robotic Microsurgery

Microsurgeries are demanding operations that require extreme levels of precision and dexterity. They also represent a surgical area in which robotics can have a deep impact, helping surgeons perform more precise and safer operations, or even pioneer previously impossible procedures.

This project aims to revolutionize the way very delicate operations are performed by creating the next generation of robotic systems for high precision and high quality microsurgeries. This involves the mechatronic design and control of a new robotic instruments, as well as the evaluation and testing of new systems in collaboration with our partner surgeons.

A main research topic within this project is laser microsurgery:  Over recent years, we have developed large expertise in the use of lasers for surgery. We have created new robotic devices for laser manipulation and new assistive user interfaces, both of which render the use of high-power surgical lasers extremely intuitive, accurate and safe. This is expected to significantly enhance microsurgery outcomes.

A number of technologies created in the context of this project are currently in the translational phase, being refined and certified for first-in-man trials. These include the CALM Surgical System and our Magnetic Laser Scanner for endoscopic operations.

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Robotic Microsurgery


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