The BRL team is contributing to the project VICARIO through the development of augmented reality user interfaces for the teleoperation of advanced robotic systems. This project is funded by INAIL (the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Injuries) and aims to create an agile and dexterous teleoperated robot to replace humans in high-risk industrial environments, thus reducing risks to workers’ health and safety.


To achieve our goals, we are developing and integrating advanced technologies on tele-locomotion and haptic tele-manipulation for robots, which will provide an immersive 3D user interaction experience and intuitive control of the complex teleoperated robotic system.


In some work environments, e.g., nuclear, chemical, search-n-rescue, construction/demolition, submarine tasks, there can be extreme risks to the health and safety of workers. Robots and robotics can be an obvious solution to the human risk. Although the robot may be able to physically perform most of the tasks, it lacks the cognitive ability to problem solve in complex environments. An advanced, intelligent user interface linked to dexterous mobile platforms could form a solution to substitute or assist workers in these stages, reducing or eliminating exposure to hazards.