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AI-augmented Robotics for CAncer point of caRE

Cancer in the Upper Aerodigestive Tract (UADT) is still among the leading cancer types worldwide, with both incidence rate and mortality rate constantly rising. Treatment of these diseases is by Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) surgeons, operating with incomplete knowledge of the tumor geometry, under non-ergonomic conditions and with limited precision on fragile cancerous tissue. AIRCARE will bring clinical practice in diagnosis and surgical treatment to the next level, by introducing advanced AI and robotic technology into the clinical workflow. For diagnosis, AIRCARE will enable real-time on-the-spot AI-powered optical/electric biopsies, helping to optimize a patient-specific surgical approach. For surgery, AIRCARE will provide a more controlled and ergonomic setting. Novel robotic stabilizing and controlling tools will further allow manipulation of tissue and removal of cancer with unprecedented levels of precision. A newly developed intuitive 3D visualization will simplify the understanding of the complex surgical scene. Aside from increase of safety, quality and efficiency of the surgical procedure, also less experienced surgeons may become able to perform complex image guided treatments. Within this innovation action, our European partners spanning universities, research centers, industry and 3 hospitals, will join forces across disciplines to advance promising research prototypes into two advanced integrated systems: one for diagnosis, one for surgery, thus supporting clinicians from the detection and diagnosis of UADT diseases until their surgical treatment. Within the framework of the project, the superiority of AIRCARE technology will be demonstrated in real operational environments through three clinical studies. By doing so, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of AI and robotics to healthcare professionals and UADT patients and put the seeds to translate this technology into the next standard of care for improved clinical outcomes.

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Leonardo De Mattos
Leonardo De Mattos
Advanced Robotics
Total budget: 1.515.625,00€
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